Suppliers Frequently Asked Questions

How does Munazzo work?
Munazzo for Suppliers is a unique platform that enables suppliers to enrich their product data with an advanced pricing and catalog management system. By joining Munazzo you are able to reach out to a global network by only exporting your product feed and allowing our sellers to load your products into their webshops and marketplaces.

What is the difference with a regular marketplace?
On a regular marketplace you have to put a lot of effort in your listings, reviews and sales. Munazzo will hand over these tasks to thousands of sellers.

How do I become a supplier?
Click on the ‘login’ button on our website. You will be redirected to the site. Here you can select the ‘supplier’ tab and click on the button ‘create supplier account’. Fill in all of the information. After you get your approval you will be able to upload your inventory file. You can do this manually as well.

In what formats can I upload my inventory feed?
We offer the possibility to upload your inventory feed in the following formats: CSV, XML, API, FTP or manually. It is important that these files provide a real-time impression of your inventory, price and EAN/UPC Barcode of various products. If you decide to manually upload a feed you need to update your stock inventory in the system. We have to rely on your stock information.

What does manual inventory upload mean?
We believe everyone should be able to upload their products easily without having to hire a technical person or external party. With Munazzo you can easily add your products. The only thing you need is UPC/EAN codes. By entering UPC/EAN codes we will match as many descriptions as we have available.

Do I need to add product description?
In case your UPC/EAN code doesn’t match with available descriptions in Munazzo, you will need to define your product description yourself.

How important are product descriptions?
VERY IMPORTANT. The more information you provide, the more sales you will realize. Next to UPC/EAN codes the following attributes are mandatory: Product Title, Description, Images, Availability and Stock. All of this information is crucial for the sellers. This way they can find your products easily and list them to their webshops / marketplaces.

What happens after I have exported my product feed?
Munazzo sellers will see the products and list the items to the marketplaces they sell on. At the end of the day you will receive an order list with the products that were sold on that day. The only thing left for you to do is to ship the items to our warehouse. We will pick,pack and ship everything order by order to the customers.

When will I receive my money?
You will receive your money within 4 weeks.

What are the costs of becoming a supplier?
Suppliers can apply free of charge.

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